The NAN Philosophy

At NAN, we believe in technology, communication and accountability. Everything we do is with the best interests of our customer in mind. It’s the reason why we are one of the longest tenured AMC’s in the nation, and why so many of the top lenders in the industry look to NAN for their appraisal needs. We’re creating experiences, not just selling a service.

Joni Pilgrim

Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Holdsworth

Chief Operations Officer

Miles Dixon


Ashley Griffin


Cari Pinkert

Chief Innovation Officer

Chris Seymour

VP of Sales

Dan Figurski

Director, Quality Control

Bronwyne Bruwer

Chief Strategy Officer

Glenn Kerr

Chief Technology Officer

Nery Valdez


Steve Sussman

Chief Bus. Development Officer

Jimmy Summey

Director, Escalations

Joshua Henriquez

Director, Learning & Development