Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

BPO is typically completed by a real estate broker or agent and is not required to conform to USPAP or state appraisal law. The broker or agent combines their data collection observations with data, usually MLS or public records, and reports their analysis by way of the BPO form.

Estimated Turn Times
BPO - Exterior - 5 Days*
BPO - Exterior & Interior - 5 Days*
BPO - RUSH Exterior - 3 Days*
BPO - RUSH Exterior & Interior - 3 Days*

*Turn Times that require interior inspections are dependent upon access to the property. 


  • Faster Turn Time
  • Lower Price Point
  • Interior/Exterior Data Collection with Photos

Use Cases

  • Private Lending
  • Investor Collateral Risk
  • Portfolio Loans & Maintenance Short Sales
  • Pre-foreclosure & Foreclosure
  • Loan Modification
  • Second Opinion Valuation Product for Non-QM Originations
  • Two Forms (adjustments vs. no adjustments)
  • Exterior-only inspections are more commonly ordered compared to interior inspections
  • Interior inspections are only mainly performed on vacant properties