We Understand Your Valuation Needs

Concerned about maintaining control over service levels and costs for your borrowers and members? NAN is an industry-leading nationwide appraisal management company (AMC), that manages a panel of over 15,000 independent appraisers. While our capabilities cover all 50 states, NAN’s partnerships are locally based with regional sales managers that understand your market needs.

NAN works in partnership with lending institutions to tailor a fee schedule that aligns to their business model. NAN offers 24/7 management points of contact and 98% of all calls are answered with no hold time, ensuring responsive and efficient service delivery.

Are you interested in retaining your existing appraisers within your local lending area while leveraging NAN for compliant appraisal management? Please reach out to NAN to learn more or complete our preferred panel management form here: nan-amc.com/appraiser-panel-management

Our Services

NAN is a versatile AMC partner delivering appraisals for residential and commercial properties. Our suite of products includes solutions for 1st mortgage transactions, home equity lending, small business loans, new construction, investment properties, loan administration and loss mitigation.

NAN is proud to offer a variety of alternate products, such as; Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), Property Condition Reports (PCRs), and Automated Valuations (AVM).

Many of the large banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders in the nation use NAN as an AMC partner, so our vendor due diligence documentation is robust and readily available for review. NAN makes onboarding simple and our technology is integrated with most of the industry’s leading platforms.

NAN offers innovative property data collection products, also known as inspection-based waivers, like ACE+ PDR and Value Acceptance + Property Data, that streamline the valuation process for lenders and reduce cost and turn time for borrowers. These reports are prepared by licensed inspectors and include interior photos, measurements, and other relevant property information.

For 1st Mortgage Origination

For Lower Risk Second Mortgage/HELOC Origination

For Higher Risk Second Mortgage/HELOC Origination

For Piggyback Second Mortgage/HELOC Origination

For Credit Risk of Second Mortgage/HELOC Loan Portfolios