Not all AMCs are created equal

We leverage sophisticated technology to deliver a uniquely data-driven approach to appraiser selection. Our investment in technology means consistently faster turn times, higher quality reports, and fewer underwriting conditions for our lender and broker partners. Our dedicated team of customer care professionals are here from 8am-9pm EST, and our experienced in-house staff appraisers are always available to consult with you on any value or reporting questions that might arise.

The proof is in the numbers

5 Day Average
Turn Time
92% On Time
or Early
85% Accepted by UW with
no Revision Requests
Appraisers Paid
in 24 hours!

We Pay Appraisers Next Day

Appraisers prioritizing YOUR business!

NAN has implemented an appraiser incentive program in an effort to deliver even faster turn times and better quality reports for our lender partners. Our appraisers get paid within 24 hours (30x faster than the industry average), and the only requirement is that they deliver your reports on time or early. They put our files to the top of their to-do list when they receive work from multiple AMC’s. It’s a win, win.


Preliminary Value Delivery

NAN will deliver a preliminary value to the broker so they can proceed with loan docs while the appraiser completes any requested revisions. We require the appraiser to revise their reports same day or within 24 hours. The process is quick, thorough, and customer focused.

Value Disputes

NAN provides a refreshing take on the dispute process that achieves meaningful results for our lenders and brokers when a reconsideration of value is warranted. Any concern about value is reviewed by one of our in-house staff appraisers who can work closely with the original appraiser to determine if changes need to be made. On average, 21% of value disputes with NAN result in a value increase.

Are You Ready To #DoItTheNANWay? (They Did!)