What is NANalytics?

With nearly 20 years of experience, NAN has gathered millions of KPI data points from more than 14,000 appraisers across every county of the United States. These data points reflect the most important performance metrics of an appraiser, including:

  • Distance from subject property
  • # of orders completed in the market
  • Average turn time compared to peers
  • On-time delivery percentage
  • UW revision percentage
  • Value dispute percentage
  • and more!

Our NANalytics platform leverages that data with an algorithm that predicts the best appraiser for any given job based on their performance history with the specific loan type and product type in the precise location of the subject property. This allows us to remove all subjectivity from the appraiser selection process, and to truly place every order in the hands of the most qualified and highest performing appraiser.


  • Checks against over 15,000 rules (and growing)
    -ACI Rules
  • Built in customized lender requirements
  • Built in appraisal modernization product checklists
    -Fannie/Freddie 1004/70D Desktop Appraisal
    -ACE+ PDR
  • Built in standardized checklists
  • Auto scan for subjective words and phrases
  • Significantly reduces underwriter conditions (post-delivery). Gets the borrower to the closing table faster
  • Increase trust in appraisal quality
  • Better lending decision
  • File conversion (.xml, .pdf, .xml)

NAN Data + Predictive Analytics = NANalytics