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We consider our appraisers to be part of the family, and that means laying the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership for many years to come. NAN has now been onboarded by many of the largest lenders nationwide, and that means we’re going to have regular work to send your way long after the current volume spike has passed.

Registration Steps: 

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Upon hitting “Submit,” you will be redirected to Appraisal Scope to set up your account in our system.
  3. Complete Background Check
  4. A NAN representative will QC your profile & communicate any open items.
  5. You’re active and ready for appraisals in your market!

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Appraisers Paid Next Business Day With Direct Deposit*

We know the industry average for paying appraisers is 30 days, but we’re not average and neither are our appraisers. All we ask is that you turn work in on time or early and are signed up for Direct Deposit with us. *This applies to qualifying orders only. 

Get The Work You Want!

NAN gives you the opportunity to choose your qualifications in your Appraisal Scope profile. This will only take a minute to update and ensures you will get the assignments you prefer. 

Get Ready to Register.

The items needed for an appraiser to register are:

  • License
  • E&O
  • W9 information entered into the online form (pdf not required)

Frequently Asked Questions

At NAN, we believe in transparency, technology, communication, customer service and accountability. Everything we do is with the best interests of our customer in mind. It’s the reason why we are one of the longest tenured AMC’s.

As many lenders are now making this a requirement, NAN is doing the same. We now require a background check.

Many of NAN’s largest lenders require the background check for compliance purposes. Background checks take 3-4 days on average.

NAN assigns orders in a variety of different ways including manual assignment, auto assignment and through bids. More importantly, NAN assigns orders based on the appraiser’s performance metrics. Appraisers with the best performance have the most opportunities to receive orders.

Appraisal Scope charges a technology fee of $10 per order.

Have a Question? Call the Appraiser Hotline.

(888) 978 - 3471

What is an Elite Appraiser?

A NAN Elite Appraiser is the best of the best in their market. This appraiser can meet competitive service levels and provide top quality appraisal reports all while ensuring customer service at every inspection.
Questions? Email us.

What are the benefits of being an Elite Appraiser?

• Auto-Assigned
• Right of First Refusal
• Customary Fees
• No Phone Calls
Questions? Email us.

What are the requirements of an Elite Appraiser?

1) Accepting the assignment within 3 hours
2) Scheduling appt within 24 hours of accepting
3) 5 calendar day turn time
4) On time or early delivery of appraisal report
5) Same day turn time for revision requests
6) Cell phone must be listed in scope
7) Must have a background check completed
Questions? Email us.

Trusted By The Nation's Top Lenders

NAN's footprint is growing because we deliver, thanks to trusted partners like you! Recently, NAN has been onboarded by many of the largest lenders in the industry (and more):

Home Point Financial

Franklin American

United Wholesale Mortgage​

Freedom Mortgage​


PRMG Wholesale​


Rocket Mortgage​

Navy Federal Credit Union​

HomeBridge Financial Services Inc​

Rocket Mortgage​

Guaranteed Rate​

CrossCountry Mortgage​

Cardinal Financial Company​

Here's What Appraisers Say

I've been thinking about writing someone way up the food chain at NAN about the differences between NAN and several other AMCs that I (unfortunately) deal with. I might never get around to doing it but it would be something along the lines of "why I don't cringe when I see an assignment from NAN." Believe me, there are several AMCs that make me cringe because I know how unprofessional and incompetent their people are. NAN is a shining light in a dark sea of AMCs that have people who don't know or care what they are doing!

Jim F.
Working with the NAN team, has been such an amazing experience. I feel like we hit the ground running from day 1 and have never looked back. *kinda like Sometimes you just know when something feels so right.* NAN is truly very professional in all they do. Thank you all, you really make me feel right at home. They are always available to help answer any questions and provide me with the best information necessary to communicate to the client during the appraisal process. I can truly say that NAN has been and will always be my favorite company to work with.
Rob R.
I find your company to be the best overall for the positive relationship you try to maintain with the appraisers. Additionally I find the timely communications when I need a question answered or have a problem with a report the most gratifying as compared to the other AMC's I deal with.

Gary V.