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Frequently Asked Questions

An appraisal is an unbiased professional opinion of a home’s value.

  • PMI Removal

  • Insurance Update

  • Divorce Settlement

  • Estate Planning

  • Thinking of selling soon, want to verify value

  • Purchasing home cash, need to verify value

  • Refinance Preparation (note that any appraisal being used by lender to determine refinance eligibility must be ordered directly by the lender)

  • General Knowledge

  • Other

A mortgage lender cannot accept an appraisal report ordered by a consumer, as compliance regulations require the lender to order the appraisal directly. If you disagree with the valuation provided by your mortgage lender, your best course of action is usually to consult with your realtor and/or loan officer and ask about submitting a ‘Reconsideration of Value’ request.

NAN provides a checklist that will help you get ready for your appraisal. You can download it here.

On average, you should expect the home inspection to take 1 hour but it does depend on the size of the home. 

The time from date of order to date of completion will vary based on property type, location, and appraiser availability. Most orders are completed in approximately 5 business days. Please complete the order form and we will reach out to confirm details on pricing, expected report delivery date, etc.

No (except for in extreme circumstances). The appraisal professional who performs your appraisal is not concerned with whether or not all of your dishes are done or all the beds are made. The only potential concern would be if the home is cluttered to the point where it affects the ability for the appraiser to do their job effectively.