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How does NAN select appraisers for assignments?

At NAN, we use real-time data and analytics in order to ensure the best appraiser is selected for every assignment down to a zip code, property type and loan type level. Our quality and performance management software allows us to select appraisers who have high scores in every KPI imaginable from fast turn times, to high quality appraisal reports, to low CU scores, and so much more. Our belief is, we work with the best…you should too!

How can NAN help me manage my preferred panel of appraisers?

We mean it when we say, “We work with the best…you should too.” At NAN, our scoring software extends to your approved panel as well. We are tracking the quality and performance of each appraisal that your panel completes for you. We keep a close eye on what matters most to you like the quality and performance of the appraisers you know and trust. We even have the ability to deliver quarterly reports on your approved panel in comparison with other appraisers in those markets. We call it “panelytics”.

Will NAN release preliminary values to the branch?

Yes, once the file has been through the proper quality control process, we will communicate the preliminary value back to the branch so you can begin your paperwork without having to wait for the final report. This communication is helpful when we are asking the appraisers to make corrections to the report prior to delivering the final report back to you. The only time this would not happen is if the corrections the appraiser needs to make could have a potential impact on the final value, at which point, we would communicate that with the branch as well.

How does NAN handle reconsideration of value (ROV) requests?

We take these requests seriously, and employ a team of in-house staff appraisers to ensure they are given proper attention. These requests can be made within our portal by clicking on the “reconsideration request” form. Fill the form out with the information you’d like to provide and the information will go straight to one of our in-house staff appraisers. The staff appraiser will review the information you’ve provided and reach out to the original appraiser to work peer-to-peer on resolving the file. The final result will be communicated back to you by the staff appraiser managing the request. The results typically take between 24-48 hours and will be documented in the portal for a complete audit trail.

Panel Management

We compliantly manage your approved panels at both a corporate and branch level. Using advanced analytics, we provide branch-level reports with KPIs for you to evaluate the performance of your existing panel, and assist with identifying top performing appraisers to help your panel grow. We want to be more than just an AMC. We want to be a partner in supporting your success.

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