Internally, diversity and inclusion allows NAN to be more inclusive of different cultures and lifestyles, establish a sense of belonging among team members which will further foster different ideas and innovations, leading to improved corporate culture and ultimately boosting productivity. Our approach is multi-pronged. We feel that the best way to be tackle these issues and work towards resolutions as well as continue to be a resource to our lender and appraiser partners is to strengthen the awareness and prioritize the education and training within our internal team.

The NAN BIED initiative is dedicated to continued inclusivity. We will address these issues and work towards resolutions. Bias Inclusion Ethics Diversity

The NAN BIED committee is made up of team members and leadership from every department that will review policy and procedures and develop education/training opportunities.

Developing mandatory quarterly trainings for our appraiser partners to include topics such as: Fair Housing, Avoiding the use of subjective terminology and unconscious bias.  Internal mandatory trainings will happen twice per year.

Throughout the year NAN leadership will engage different sectors of the industry on topics like: appraisal bias, diversity and inclusion.

Active members of WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council), CRN, Project Reach, PAVE taskforce….and more!