Commercial Sales Comp. Eval (CSCE)

A CSCE simply utilizes a Market Approach to value based on 3 Sales and 3 Listings of properties with similar Functional Utility as the subject – very similar to a traditional Residential BPO. They are easier and typically faster to complete as there is much less data analysis involved.

Estimated Turn Times
CSCE - Exterior - 5 Days*
CSCE - Exterior & Interior - 5 Days*
CSCE - RUSH Exterior - 3 Days*
CSCE - RUSH Exterior & Interior - 3 Days*

*Turn Times that require interior inspections are dependent upon access to the property. 


  • Faster Turn Time
  • Market Accuracy
  • Lower Price Point
  • Eliminates Bias
  • Confidence Score Rating
  • Interior/Exterior Inspections with Photos

Use Cases

  • Private Lending
  • Investor Collateral Risk
  • Portfolio Loans & Maintenance
  • Exterior-only inspections are more commonly ordered compared to interior inspections. Interior inspections are only mainly performed on vacant properties
  • Second Opinion Valuation Product for Non-QM Originations
  • Short Sales
  • Pre-foreclosure & Foreclosure
  • Loan Modification
  • Two forms (adjustments vs. no adjustments)