Did we just become Partners?

Welcome to NAN! Get comfortable and settle in because we have a feeling this is going to be a long-term relationship (at least we sure hope so!).

Here's what you can expect

To be treated like family. To be valued. To do what you do best (while we handle the rest). To make money. To hear from us – silence is far from golden here. To be held accountable (because the better you do, the more work we give you) and to work for the best AMC in the industry – guaranteed.

We pay our appraisers 3x faster than the industry average – because you’re worth it.

When our appraiser partners go above and beyond for our clients and their customers, that deserves recognition. We send customer service surveys to borrowers and realtors as soon as the inspection is complete. They have 24 hours to fill out the survey and submit their responses. We take those responses and compare them to the appraisers NAN Score. Highest performer is NAN’s Appraiser of the Month. Then we send you a box full of goodies. You get bragging rights, we get great insights.

Paper checks? What are those…If we’re going to brag about our technology, it should at least extend into accounting. We offer fast payments directly to your bank account.

We pride ourselves on personalized service, which means you’ll always have a dedicated point of contact ready to answer all of your questions (because who likes being transferred to multiple people).

Appraisers paid in 10 Days

...now introducing Next-Day Pay!

We know the industry average of paying appraisers is 30 days, but we’re not average and neither are our appraisers. That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is and rewarding you even more for prioritizing our business.

Here's how it works

Step 1

All orders must be accepted without condition

Step 2

Appraiser MUST schedule the inspection within 24 hours

Step 3

Final appraisal report MUST be delivered ON TIME, no exceptions

Step 4

NAN submits your payment within 24 hours via direct deposit

Here's who Runs the show

Chief Appraiser

Martin Froehlich

VR Manager

Jasmine Parker

Here's where we read your minds

(It’s kind of like we can see the future…but sadly our psychic powers are limited to appraisals).

Here's where we answer your questions

(if we failed to above. or you need to vent. or just want to talk.)

Here's What Appraisers Say

I've been thinking about writing someone way up the food chain at NAN about the differences between NAN and several other AMCs that I (unfortunately) deal with. I might never get around to doing it but it would be something along the lines of "why I don't cringe when I see an assignment from NAN." Believe me, there are several AMCs that make me cringe because I know how unprofessional and incompetent their people are. NAN is a shining light in a dark sea of AMCs that have people who don't know or care what they are doing!
Jim F.
Working with the NAN team, has been such an amazing experience. I feel like we hit the ground running from day 1 and have never looked back. *kinda like Sometimes you just know when something feels so right.* NAN is truly very professional in all they do. Thank you all, you really make me feel right at home. They are always available to help answer any questions and provide me with the best information necessary to communicate to the client during the appraisal process. I can truly say that NAN has been and will always be my favorite company to work with.
Rob R.
I find your company to be the best overall for the positive relationship you try to maintain with the appraisers. Additionally I find the timely communications when I need a question answered or have a problem with a report the most gratifying as compared to the other AMC's I deal with.

Gary V.