3 Best Practices for Successful SEO

By July 10, 2014Social Media

A solid SEO program is crucial to any company who depends on the internet for growing their business.  At Nationwide Appraisal Network we’re not experts in the field of SEO but we certainly understand the importance of making this program a priority in our marketing repertoire.  I’ve come up with three personal “must-haves” for a successful program.  SEO is changing every second and Google loves keeping us on our twinkle toes! Try incorporating the following and you’ll be on the right track to keeping up with the SEO Jones’.

1.       Have a deep, meaningful  and relevant conversation

When we re-created our NAN website and blogs, we made a rule of no stuffing keywords in our text. When people visit our site we want them to feel like they stepped right into appraisal office and we’re now having a full conversation about appraisal management. If you focus on high-quality content and keywords that are relevant to your business, you’ll do a much better job at capturing and retaining the attention of your audience. Nobody wants to read the same keyword over and over and over.  Appraisal Management, NAN is the best appraisal management company, Best AMC… get my drift? Annoying right?

2.       Rich and Robust

Picture this… You’ve been communicating with a big wig CEO of your dream client for quite some time… he/she is interested in your company and decides to pull up your site on their smart phone.  What do they see?  A non user-friendly website with hard to find information?  We’ve all been there.  By now, pretty much everybody uses a smart phone or a tablet for researching and communicating.  Creating a responsive and optimized website for mobile users is crucial to your business.  Imagine….you’ve spent all of your time and energy creating an amazing website with tons of useful information, and your mobile site is a flop!  The mobile version should definitely mirror the same look and feel as the desktop version giving your user the best and richest experience possible.

3.       Social media is the new SEO

When we think of SEO, we all pretty much think of Google, right? Sure, but what about Yahoo, Bing and all the others? Google might be the heavy weight champion in the ring, but the others are fair contenders as well. What if I told you social media is a search engine? It’s happening every day all around us.  People are searching and interacting with companies via social media and often times that’s the only way they communicate.   Through social media, you can find tons of content and traffic that can be shared, indexed, tracked, and analyzed.  If you’re not already taking advantage of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, it’s time to join the club! There’s no better way to brand, share ideas, foster relationships, build rapport and tell your story better than social media. When using social media to reach your audience, you don’t have to be ALL business.  People who use social media to research a company are looking for insight into a company and their people.  They’re looking for information or clues as to what type of relationship and experience they’ll have.  Share some personal nuggets or behind the scenes info that will give your dream client a perfect image of who you truly are.

There’s good reason why we’re all connected and plugged-in, social media is a force all of its own.

My takeaway today is that search engines will always be changing their algorithms, but you can maintain your own SEO in-house by being consistent and always publishing fresh, relevant content on your site.  Also, be sure to provide a rich user experience on your mobile platform and socialize with your audience.

Stay plugged in!

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