5 ways to be a NANNER in appraisal management




  1. an employee of Nationwide      Appraisal Network in Oldsmar, FL
  2. a hard-working,      energetic person ready to tackle appraisal management


Loyal, compassionate, driven

When asked to write a blog about the company culture at Nationwide Appraisal Network my initial reaction was excitement! I love this place! It’s definitely our employees that make up the kind of company we are. We’re a group of highly trained and happy people working in a winning environment.

1. It’s all in the name.

Over the years we sort of adopted a nickname to call ourselves. The abbreviation for Nationwide Appraisal Network is NAN… and from that a NANNER was born. “Our corporate culture is alive and strong and we mimic the NAN culture in our everyday business practices” says Joni Pilgrim, Co-Founder Sales and Marketing. A true NANNER is one born with the fiery drive to excel. One who is not afraid to take risks to succeed. It’s that SIMPLE. We’re so committed that we even refer to ourselves as “NFL”, that’s a NANNER for life! This came about when we were putting a team of new Nanners through training and it kind of stuck. One thing I can say is that it rings true for everyone here.

2. Climb the Family Tree                        

Our unique “One-Love Board” is an ideal representation of our family culture. We believe in encouraging teamwork, creativity, and unity among our team. All NANNERS are encouraged to show support to one another by writing inspirational messages on the board. Our family fabric is so tightly woven and it shows. We’re not shy about it because we post a picture of our board every Monday morning in hopes to inspire others in the social media world. Check us out!

3. Give more than you receive.

As a true NANNER at heart we strive every day to give back to the community we call home. Every year we participate in local charitable food drives, donate to organizations such as the Children’s Cancer Center, volunteer in local beach cleanups, support our military with hefty care packages and handwritten cards, sponsor charity golf tournaments, and participate in local MS Walks. It’s important for us as a company to give back and to provide the opportunity to other Nanners to do something outside of the office to help those in need.

4. Stay at the top of your game.

As true NANNERS we pride ourselves on staying active and healthy around the office. We’ve completed a NAN fit challenge and lost tons of weight as a group, we compete in 5k’s and Mud Runs, and treat ourselves to the infamous annual company picnic and holiday party! We have more projects and missions slated for 2013-2014 so stay tuned.

And finally and most importantly,

5. Keep your customers close.

When Joni Pilgrim and Cari Burris first started the company they set out on a mission to provide the best customer service possible. They knew that in order to compete in the appraisal management arena they had to stand out and be SMART about customer service. There are no shortcuts in customer service and they take that very seriously. Being able to connect to your customer and know them is key in building trust, loyalty, and sustaining long term business relationships. If we promise the stars, we deliver the moon! We also have a nickname for our clients and that’s “CFL’S”, meaning Customers for Life! That’s what keeps loyalty in our business and it truly makes a difference that’s SOLID.

We’re launching an aggressive rebranding campaign and letting the industry know how we’re different from our competitors and how we work differently. “We don’t want to overcomplicate what we do. Though it’s very intricate and detail oriented on the inside, the outside world only needs to know that we have it covered. Our tagline is telling them what they can expect by working with NAN. Simple processes. Smart technology. And, Solid quality assurance, compliance, and people. We live and breathe this culture every day in our office”, explains Cari Burris, Co-Founder Operations at Nationwide Appraisal Network.



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