6 things to start doing now

By September 4, 2014Health

NO matter how busy you think you are… these 6 things can make a big impact on your life. Right. Now! 

1. take care of yourself. You knew this would be #1 didn’t you? Of course, that’s because physical activity is beneficial for people of all ages and just so happens to be my personal favorite! Especially if you sit at a desk all day like me! Getting up throughout the day to stretch or using your breaks to take a walk around the block can help counteract the effects that sitting can have.  If you have time to hit the gym for cardio and weight training, A BIG high–five to you! Incorporating exercise into your daily schedule can help improve your mood, boost energy, and can help improve manage your weight, not to mention your increased productivity at work- your boss will love you even more!

2. find your purpose.  What makes you truly happy? What’s your purpose? Don’t wait for the dreaded New Year’s resolution and definitely don’t wait for validation from others, you’ll never be satisfied… just start by creating a short list of the things you’ve always wanted to do, places to go, tasks to complete, or whatever it is you feel is important to you. Set mini-goals. If you’re sort of stuck in your everyday routine and feel like something might be missing, this will help you get back on track! It’s important for everyone to have goals and things they’d love to accomplish in their lifetime- it’ll help you to see the vision and give you inspiration.  We all think “oh I’d love to XYZ someday” but never actually do it because we’re so wrapped up in everyday “life noise.” Your list will be there to remind you of where you are and where you want to go and how you are going to get there.  The feeling of accomplishment is a good one. Don’t wait to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, do it NOW!

3. spend time with the right people– We’ve all been there. We associate with all the wrong people and it drains you. Guess what? It’s time to let them go. RIGHT NOW. It’s such an amazing feeling to be around those who genuinely care about you and love you unconditionally. Toxic people can come in all ages, shapes, and sizes.  What’s important here is being able to recognize when something isn’t good for you and move on. You’ll be in a far better position without these people in your life. Spend MORE time with your family and close friends and build on the relationships that REALLY matter.  You’ll not only be HAPPIER but HEALTHIER!

4. off the grid – TURN YOUR PHONE and computer OFF! Every single part of our body needs a break now and then. We’re all so rushed and busy every second of the day, it’s important to turn your brain off and spend some down time with nothing to think of or do. Especially in our OVERLY connected society.  Take the time to disconnect from technology and live in your real moment. You’ll be more productive at work and home and you’ll feel more relaxed. It’ll also give you time to think about your life and all of your accomplishments and what you want to achieve.

5. tackle your life head on- It’s time to make your own happiness a priority. Being your authentic, genuine self requires no effort. And if people don’t like what they see, let them go! It’s time to stop caring what other people think of you. Live your life for only you and be proud of who you see in the mirror.  You may not be where you imagined you’d be at this point in time, but you’re on the right track and with each fail you learn and keep moving forward.  When my daughter doesn’t hit the ball over the net in tennis, she gets upset. But then she always knows what I’m going to say next…it’s ok to keep missing the ball… that just means you’re getting better and better. Don’t worry about “winning” in life; just make your win for “right now.”

6. sleep on it. Beauty sleep IS a real thing! Trying to pull an all–nighter might sound like a fun idea, but cheating and depriving your body of much needed rest can wreak havoc on your body. Sleep is essential to our physical, mental and overall quality of life. According to the National Sleep Foundation- the current recommendation is between seven-to-nine hours of sleep. Both too little and too much can be hazardous, so find out what’s best for you and go to bed!

Do you still feel like something is missing? Do you crave for more but don’t know what it is? Nobody can answer that question but you. Sometimes we need to remember to just STOP. Reflect. And make time… 

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