6 Ways NAN Compliance Protects Your Business

NAN’s Compliance Portal

Information at your fingertips – Our Compliance Portal provides updated policies, state registration certificates, insurance coverage and more to our existing clients. Click here to request access and see for yourself.

Continuous training

We provide quarterly mandatory compliance training and testing to every single NAN team member. We also provide compliance training to our Clients and Appraisers through webinars and white papers.  Visit our NAN University to see what we are talking about.

State Requirements

We understand the specific state requirements (in all 50 states) for appraiser selection, customary & reasonable fees, appraisal reviews, reporting etc. and apply them to our everyday business. We also have to regularly test these policies! See how we are doing by visiting our Compliance Portal.

Experts in Compliance

Our Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance and our 15 member Compliance Task Force meets regularly to discuss upcoming regulations and how we are going to make changes internally to meet these requirements.  We often host webinars on compliance for our lenders and appraisers.  Check out our NAN university for more information.

An Unblemished Track Record

NAN has a track record of 100% compliance with all requirements in all 50 states. The consequences of non-compliance are very serious, and so we work hard to protect our clients.

Superb Quality Control

Our approach to maintaining the strictest quality control possible gives you peace of mind when trusting your Appraisals to us. Read more

ABOUT NATIONWIDE APPRAISAL NETWORK- NAN is an industry leader in valuations, providing a unique approach to appraisal management through customization, innovation, and quality. NAN website – 888.760.8899

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