Appraisal Slowdown? What slowdown?

By July 29, 2015Appraisals

If conventional wisdom is to be believed, the real estate appraisal market may be starting to stagnate due to fewer buyers, tougher regulations, retiring appraisers, more consolidation, etc.

Luckily for the team at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN), they are rather UNconventional in their wisdom, and as far as they are concerned, the demise of the appraisal business is quite premature.

We all subscribe to some of the old tried and true clichés, like “Timing is Everything”, “Strike when the iron’s hot” and of course a favorite from Thomas Edison, “There is no substitute for hard work.” The later holds true for NAN and that’s why at Nationwide Appraisal Network, business is booming.

NAN is looking to forge even more successful partnerships. They believe that there really is no substitute for hard work and experience. Why? Only through the lens of history can you avoid repeating mistakes of the past. NAN’s management team is very aware of positive trends and dangerous pitfalls in the market.

“There is no way to see everything ahead of time,” says NAN Co-Founder Joni Pilgrim. “But when you’ve built your business on a solid foundation and maintain strong partnerships based on the fundamental aspects of real estate valuation, you’re certainly a few steps ahead. I really believe our business is doing so well because we’ve done the hard work and investment in key areas like technology and business intelligence. Even items like these online articles we publish keep existing partners and potential partners up to date on important topics. They want to see what we are doing to lead the way and make positive changes to better the future of our industry.”

And ‘leading the way’ is not just a catch phrase. NAN has been a national leader in appraisal management in large part because of a commitment to new technology, minimized risk, outstanding customer service and top notch staffing. “Recruiting the right people is one of the most difficult but most important aspects of this business,” says NAN Co-Founder Cari Burris. For the last few years, we’ve been hearing of difficulties all over the country in regards to finding qualified people, especially appraisers. There are a lot of reasons for this, but at NAN, we’ve had the best and the brightest actually seek us out. We’re clearly one of the top AMC’s, operating in all 50 states and on top of our game, partly due to our focus on technology and communication. NAN is growing because every partner and employee is part of a solid team with a huge support system behind them.”

NAN’s collective knowledge, experience and proven performance has successfully guided lenders through various markets, so they know how to tackle the appraisal needs of lenders and realtors in times of growth as well contraction.

Outstanding customer service, expertise in compliance, consistency in reporting and quality control are the keys to success. If you’d like to share in that success, NAN would love to hear from you!

About Nationwide Appraisal Network- NAN is an industry leader in appraisal management, providing a unique approach to valuations through customization, innovation, and quality. Visit us at or call 888.760.8899


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