Are All Lenders The Same? Nationwide Appraisal Network Answers.

Should we as consumers get lumped into one specific category or should we be viewed as  individuals with different ideals, values, and lives? The obvious answer here is that we should be looked at as individuals because that is what we are. Different things motivate each one of us in a different way.

We all run our daily lives differently with respect to our jobs, family, and finances. As human beings we tend to surround ourselves with like minded people who share in the same joys and activities, but we are all still unique.

The moral of this story is everyone is different. Align yourselves with those who support you and adapt to the differences.

As a national Appraisal Management Company we work with many different lender/clients with different business models, products, and expectations. We have found that the best way to develop and maintain a great working relationship with our clients is adapt to changing needs, grow along side of them, support them when they need our support, and know their business models to best service their appraisal needs.

One way we do this is by tailoring our quality control processes to meet our lender/clients requirements and expectations. During the client on boarding process, the Review Department Supervisor communicates with the Underwriting department of the lender/client to discuss quality control requirements and report delivery instructions. This information is kept in the company profile as a reference point for our internal Quality Control Specialists.

Because we take the time to talk to our clients about their needs and expectations and we put actions in place to adhere to business models, we have been able to greatly increase customer satisfaction, decrease condition requests and improve report quality.

Taking extra care to pay attention to your consumers and treating them as individuals has long term benefits and is an important element to our success here at Nationwide Appraisal Network.


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