The art of communication in Appraisal Management

By November 12, 2014AMC Communication

Lenders typically ask…“Communication is a big concern for my team, how do you manage communication expectations as a national AMC working for many lenders?”  Does your AMC go the distance?

Every lender is different.  Therefore, it’s important to find an AMC that has configurable processes to meet the demands of your workflow and expectations.  Does the AMC expect their clients to all fit one mold or are they flexible in how they handle business from one lender to the next?  How many different client types does the AMC work with?  Are they all  BIG  wholesale lenders or do they have a good variety of client types like credit unions, direct lenders, and regional banks?  What kinds of features are available with regards to technology and integration that would benefit your company?  What are the hours of operation for the AMC?  Will they be open when your office is open?  How do you get a hold of the staff at the AMC?  Do you have one go-to person and if not how do you know who to call?

As a truly national AMC we understand the importance of communication.  We have a full staff available Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 9PM EST to answer calls and emails and to get those appraisal updates and completed reports to your office every minute of the day that you’re there.

We also understand that every lender we work with is set up completely different.  Many of them have corporate offices with hundreds of team members performing different functions of the loan process.  Some of them have a corporate headquarters with several branches located throughout the U.S.  Some of our clients are smaller offices with 1-4 people handling the loan process for the company.  To manage communication with all of these different client types, you must have the sophisticated software in place that can ensure that is happening on every file every time.  Within our portal we can set a lender up with several branches and give user accesses with different permissions.  For example, a Loan Officer can have permissions to access their files only within the system.  But a branch manager can have permissions to access all files for his branch.  In turn, any time the status of a file changes, an automatic email is sent to the Loan Officer, the processor, the branch manager.  Or perhaps you want the updates to go to one person or to a centralized inbox.    It’s completely configurable to meet your needs.  (notice we did not say “customizable”, we learned long ago that most people attribute the term “customizable” to high costs” at NAN, there is no cost to do business with us.

Another key factor in successful communication is to have one dedicated person as the “go to” for our lender clients.  We call that person a Client Relations Manager or (CRM.)  The Client Relations Manager is your team lead.  They are completely familiar with your set up, your requirements, and how you want us to handle your business.  If anyone from your office calls NAN you go straight to your CRM.  This ensures that you are talking to the right person every time and you don’t have to call in and speak with someone different and explain your story over and over again.  Your CRM has an entire team of account managers, processors, quality control specialists, and staff appraisers behind them ready to handle your business.

Another great feature of our software is the date and time stamping of all communication; Tracking who is communicating, from what office, at what time and date.  This provides complete transparency throughout the life of the file.  Our ultimate goal with communication is to provide you with the information before you need it.  That is our commitment to service and communication is the best way to ensure that great service is happening here at NAN! 888-760-8899 ext 225

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