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Right of Refusal

Customary Fees

No Phone Calls

What is an Elite Appraiser?

A NAN Elite Appraiser is the best of the best in their market. This appraiser can meet competitive service levels and provide top quality appraisal reports all while ensuring customer service at every inspection.

What is required to be an Elite Appraiser?

  • Accepting the assignment within 3 hours
  • Scheduling appt within 24 hours of accepting
  • 5 calendar day turn time
  • On time or early delivery of appraisal report
  • Same day turn time for revision requests if requests received before 2pm, within 24 hours if received after 2pm
  • Cell phone must be listed in scope as text messaging will be preferred method for communication
  • Must have a background check completed (NAN initiates and pays for this service)

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