BEHIND THE SCENES: Creating Customer Service through TEAMWORK

In your professional life, what inspires you to do better and reach further?  For me, there is nothing more gratifying than working with a team of people who share the same goals and who understand the meaning of customer service through teamwork and collaboration.  Since the first day that I started at Nationwide Appraisal Network I could see that this was the career that would inspire me professionally.  The team here makes an effort every day to really understand our clients and our vendors.  Conversations happen.  People meet and collaborate to find solutions to improve a process or to simply “make it right.” AT NAN, we keep our customers close to our heart. It’s that SIMPLE.

As a team we created a ONE LOVE board in our office. Our unique “One-Love Board” is an ideal representation of our family culture. We believe in encouraging teamwork, creativity, and unity among our team. All NANNERS are encouraged to show support to one another by writing inspirational messages on the board. Our family fabric is so tightly woven and it shows. We’re not shy about.  I post a picture of it every Monday morning in hopes to inspire others in the social media world.

For a little inspiration, let me give you a behind the scenes look at a typical day at NAN.  In the office the first thing you’ll notice is the “one love” board of course, as it’s out in the middle of the workplace for everyone to see.  You’ll notice individuals working at their work spaces that have been decorated to match their personalities, complete with pictures and memorabilia.  There are conversations happening, phones ringing, meetings taking place etc.  Finally and most importantly, you will most always see a group gathered in the conference room for a “NAN Circle” (an event that happens in our office when a NANNER is in need of help to find a solution to a problem). We asked Kevin Johnson about NAN circles and he stated “The NAN Circle is the understanding; if we harness the amazing talent we have here and place them in a room with the resources they need-any problem can be solved.” Therefore, every NANNER practices the following:

  1. Concentrate- on providing PREMIERE customer service
  2. Communicate- effectively amongst your team
  3. Call- a meeting to resolve a problem and create a WOW moment
  4. Collaborate- with your circle of NAN
  5. Create- the solution-be the resource

Johnson went on to say “When we have a client or vendor with a problem; we don’t ask ‘can we help?’- We say ‘how can we make this happen?’ Being able to connect to our customer and know them is KEY in building trust, loyalty, and sustaining long term business relationships. If we promise the stars, we deliver the moon! Within our NAN Circles, we create “CFL’S” and NAN Fans- meaning Customers for Life! That’s what keeps loyalty with our employees and customers and it truly makes a difference.  That’s SOLID.


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