NAN Circles – Turning problems into opportunities

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Every appraisal management company deals with complaints and issues at one point or another.  The question is, how are they handled?  Last year, we had a paradigm shift at NAN.  We realized that we were losing golden moments to win over our clients that would call and express dissatisfaction for one reason or another.  At the time we were so heavily involved in compliance that we eventually came to a…

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The 8 factors in the ATR (Ability to Repay) rule

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The ATR (Ability to Repay) rule is set to be fully implemented soon and if you are not ready for it then fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The current effective date for the ATR rule (as set forth under the Dodd-Frank Act) is January 14, 2014, this means you have less than 9 months to get your systems, marketing, training, etc.. in place to face…

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Borrower’s Voices are Heard when it comes to Nationwide Appraisal Network Service

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As an appraisal management company, not only is important to make sure our clients are happy with our service, but it’s just as important that we make sure our client’s clients are happy with our service.  With a network of over 6500 appraisers located throughout the entire United States, I’m sure you can imagine the magnitude of trying to manage such a service. A little over a year ago, after…

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Knowledge is Power – Appraisal Management Companies need to know in order to succeed.

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When in search of a vendor to partner up with in your everyday business, do you think it’s useful to know how that vendor values knowledge, training, and overall development of their people?  Especially when that vendor is tasked with preserving compliance and quality as part of the process that has an effect on your overall product? 

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Reverse Mortgage Division within National AMC

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What is a Reverse Mortgage? A Reverse Mortgage is a loan available to home owners of retirement age (at least 62 years of age), enabling them to a portion of their home’s equity. The home owners can draw the mortgage principal in lump sum, by receiving monthly payments over a specified term or over their (joint) lifetimes, as a revolving line of credit, or some combination thereof. To qualify, the…

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