Knowledge is Power – Appraisal Management Companies need to know in order to succeed.

When in search of a vendor to partner up with in your everyday business, do you think it’s useful to know how that vendor values knowledge, training, and overall development of their people?  Especially when that vendor is tasked with preserving compliance and quality as part of the process that has an effect on your overall product? 

As an Appraisal Management Company, we take responsibility to protect our clients, our vendors, our staff, the borrowers, and the company.  Regulations, lender requirements, compliance points, USPAP, employment laws all change constantly and the more you know the easier it is to manage all of these individual aspects of running an appraisal management company as a business.

At Nationwide Appraisal Network we challenge each department to be the best in the industry by utilizing their resources, attending educational seminars and obtaining certifications to further their knowledge and experience in the mortgage and appraisal industry.

For example: the head of our Quality Control Department has recently received an Underwriting Certificate and completes the 7 hour USPAP course every two years along with our staff Appraisers.  Periodically she conducts product training classes where each staff member at Nationwide Appraisal Network is required to attend.  Appraisals are our final product.  We feel it’s very important that every individual from processing to accounting to sales and marketing know the ins and outs of appraisals.

Our managers are required to attend continuous management courses as well as product training classes that are built to ensure they are up to date on any and all industry changes with respect to USPAP, FHA Guidelines, Appraisal Reporting and Dodd Frank.  They are responsible for educating their teams and managing quality control while implementing any new procedures put in place as a result of a change in the industry.

Recently, the head of our Accounting Department has received certificates of achievement in many courses including Excel and QuickBooks.  She demonstrates training classes for those in her department to learn basic principles of operating both programs and using them to effectively manage reports and forecasting.

These are just a few examples of how we value continuous development of our people at NAN.  2013 has positioned to be ahead of the pack with respect to our competition.  We are making it our responsibility today and everyday to constantly improve each individual in every department in order to be the best appraisal management company and vendor choice for our clients.


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