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No one at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) was even the least bit surprised when Co-Founder and Director of Operations Cari Burris was recognized as one of the “Leading Ladies in Housing.”

The list was recently compiled by The MReport, one of the country’s top sources for mortgage banking news in the form of in-depth stories, commentaries, interviews, profiles, and more.

Their Women In Housing issue was the result of in-depth research and interviewing from around the country. MReport discovered that as a result of Cari’s relentless work ethic and comprehension of the industry, NAN has become one of the America’s most respected Appraisal Management Companies.

“I can tell you probably better than anyone, Cari is totally dedicated to both NAN and this industry as a whole,” says Partner and Co-Founder Joni Pilgrim. “Our business is really growing right now. Part of that is definitely due to a resurgence in the housing market. But we’ve seen other AMC’s struggle to keep up with that growth for many reasons, not the least of which is trouble keeping quality appraisers. Because of Cari’s leadership in the company operations, we’ve been able to take that growth in stride without ever diminishing our level of customer service. After all, that’s what NAN is best known for in all 50 states”.

Of course, Cari will be the first one to deflect the praise and trumpet NAN’s staff.

“This truly is a team effort and I think we’ve assembled one of the best groups in the industry…I really do,” says Burris. “Only 14% of AMC’s service all 50 states. We work with over 8,600 appraisers on a daily basis and have a 97% satisfaction rate with borrowers. On the technical end, our people have kept us ahead of the game, updating our services almost on a daily basis. That allows us to keep current on the changes going on state by state. NAN’s customer service personnel is second to none…with quick accurate responses. And maybe the most important thing of all…we are totally invested in the communities we serve. Every member of our team participates in numerous philanthropic efforts…not because they have to, but because they WANT to. To me, that’s the mark of a great company.”

NAN congratulates Cari Burris on being named one of the Leading Ladies in Housing by the MReport.

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