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It may sound like a cliché, but at Nationwide Appraisal Network, business really is—and always has been—all about customer service. Founders Joni Pilgrim and Cari Burris understood early on that if they couldn’t provide service that truly stood out from the competition, growth would not be possible. And judging from NAN’s growth in recent years, they are definitely doing something right! NAN’s most recent set of borrower surveys (fourth quarter of 2014) rated Excellent or Very Good by 94% of respondents.

The purpose of the survey is to gain an in depth understanding of how borrowers perceive the service they receive at the time of the appraisal inspection.

“We definitely care about the customer service experience our lender clients receive from NAN, but that’s not enough. We also care about the customer service that our client’s clients are getting. The consumer needs to have a great experience during this process. Our lender clients don’t get to select the appraiser that goes out to the property to service their borrower. They trust that we are sending out professionals who are held to high service standards. These results prove that we are delivering on our promise.”

Surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis to ensure quality in customer service is constant.

nationwide appraisal network results

Feedback is the best tool in ensuring quality in customer service is happening every time. When borrowers are happy, NAN’s clients are happy. Here is what borrowers are saying about their appraisal experience with NAN:

“My appraiser was outstanding, and covered all the bases… thanks for the prompt service and great experience” – Fort Worth, TX

“I give the appraiser two thumbs up, it snowed the day before and it was very, very cold that morning but she was here and on time, and she even offered to take her boots off, so she wouldn’t track snow around the house” -Warwick, NY

I have never had an appraisal done before so I wasn’t sure what my expectations should be from them or them from me. I was so delightfully surprised. They were very professional and asked questions and were extremely patient as I provided answers. I feel terrible as I had shoveled a basic walk through for them to easily access the house. I didn’t know they needed to spend time outside and walk all around the house and take pictures. There had to be a foot of snow they had to go through. 

 I have been in the banking industry for over 50 years and encounter many different personalities both pleasant and not so pleasant. I appreciate the way they presented your company and themselves, I would highly recommend your company in the future. 

I applaud your and your company for having such outstanding employees”. – Burton, MI

 “This is a very dynamic industry”, says Joni Pilgrim. “When you conduct business in all 50 states, there are changes—sometimes major changes—happening virtually every day. We understand the importance of delivering 100% not only to our direct clients, but to their clients, as well. We use customized technology that is nimble, intuitive, cost effective, and supported by experienced industry professionals. Every member of our team is totally committed to meeting our customers’ needs, large or small. And no matter what state you are in, we are prepared to reduce risk, save time & money, and comply with all regulatory requirements. We attract the most professional, experienced appraisers to our network because we provide them with the best platform in the industry coupled with a dedicated support team as well as experienced in-house appraisers that understand the business and can work closely with our panel. That’s the benefit of dealing with an appraisal management company that is truly nationwide.”

“Another quality that sets us apart is our ability to pair the right appraiser with the right project,” adds co-founder Cari Burris. “Because of NAN’s reach, we are able to geographically pinpoint the most competent appraiser, taking into account factors like Dodd-Frank, Appraiser Independence Requirements, and other regulations. We also pay close attention to appraisal specifics; for example, we have a specialized panel of agents who are experts in products such as the 203K program, etc. By delivering superior quality in customer service, geographically targeted to the specific need, our clients breathe easier. They know we have done the leg work to ensure their client experiences best-in-class service.”

For Residential, Review and Commercial Appraisals, along with AVM’s featuring the highest level of accuracy, more appraisers and lenders than ever before are looking to NAN. If you haven’t done business with NAN yet, give them a try and see for yourself what everyone’s talking about.

ABOUT NATIONWIDE APPRAISAL NETWORK- NAN is an industry leader in appraisal management, providing a unique approach to appraisal management through customization, innovation, and quality. NAN website  – 888.760.8899

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