Our system is fully compatible with several LOS programs including but not limited to, Encompass and RealEC. We are also fully integrated with the UCDP, asc.gov, and Platinum Data.

Our software allows us to mitigate company risk and ensure industry compliance on every appraisal we complete for a lender client. As an AMC, our clients have seen first-hand how we have reduced their operating costs, improved customer service, and delivered ultimate transparency all through our software capabilities.

At NAN, we can:

  •  Offer secure accesses by allowing our clients to set up an unlimited amount of users from processors to branch managers with each having their own set of access permissions
  • Provide an easy to read dashboard allowing the user to instantly see real-time status updates of all appraisal orders
  • Automatically deliver status updates via email to all users
  • Auto track expired appraiser licenses and E&O
  • Date and time stamp communications for complete audit trailing
  • Integrate seamlessly to any LOS
  • Provide borrower acknowledgement of Appraisal – System generated, delivered, and recorded
  • Provide compliance certificate and invoice on every delivered appraisal
  • Deliver directly to the UCDP

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