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Good Morning Cari, I just wanted to send a quick KUDOS to the NAN team for their exceptional service. You guys have done a great job from customer service, turn times, and of course handling our requests quickly and efficiently. Thanks again for the team’s hard work. It is much appreciated. We looked forward to working together for years to come! Have a great day.

Jason V., Executive Vice President

Good Morning: I just wanted to throw out a BIG shout out to Logan and yourself: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP Your ladies ALWAYS go out of your way to help US Mortgage, and we may not say it enough but we do appreciate all that you do. Again thank you for all that you do

Renee Mattice, USMTGFL

I was introduced to NAN at my prior employer and over a few years had developed a relationship with one of your employees. Amy has been my contact through NAN for roughly 3 years now. I branched out on my own about a year ago and made it a condition of my deal with new bank that NAN could be signed up and I could keep Amy as my contact due to the skills she has shown on how to help with the process. Probably the most major time killer on mortgages are appraisals and the conditions that are put upon them. Without a valued partner helping you with this 3rd party task that the bank cannot be involved in will kill your business. Getting the appraisal back quick is one thing, but understanding the conditions a underwriter wants or a repair that needs to be made is what we look for in a good partner. This is a crucial of what Amy ( and Brittany ) helps us with on a daily basis. The people are the product not the name of the company or how fast the order comes back. I know, day or night, if I have a question or need help, I have a number that will be answered. I have felt so confident in what I see, that I just sent my first order over to your title division, Trio Title Group, due to the relationships I have built with NAN over the years..

Justin Weissman