Making a habit of accomplishing the impossible.

This month, Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) spotlights Joni Pilgrim, Co-Founder and Director of Sales & Business Development.

We recently sat down with Joni Pilgrim, who shared details about her life, about the success of NAN, the importance of its people and the core value of upholding the promise of quality and service to its clients.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series

What are the most common questions or hot topics you get from lenders who are looking to work with Nationwide Appraisal Network as an AMC partner?

“The most common question posed is: How is compliance managed? The appraisal industry is highly regulated. NAN manages compliance by understanding the rules and regulations and by enforcing policy. Lenders are responsible for doing their due diligence when selecting third party vendors. Our cloud based ‘Compliance Portal’ is available to our clients to show how we are actively managing compliance within our company. Our compliance task force meets regularly and we are currently finalizing projects that will have us prepared for TRID, FHA EAD, as well as the new AMC rules.

What is the most important part of starting a new relationship with a lender/client?

“The most important part of starting a new relationship for me is follow-through and communication. It takes months, if not years to cultivate a relationship with a lender, especially when there is risk involved in choosing an AMC; therefore the follow-though has to happen. Communication is the biggest proponent to our business. Efficiencies must be in place as it really makes or breaks the relationship from the get go. In fact, we meet with clients every 30 days to review our performance. We are accountable for the work we deliver and we are committed to the customer relationship”.

How do you ensure that customer service remains at the forefront in your business?

“To NAN, Customer Service is all about the Training. Our people are recognized for delivering excellence in Customer Service. In addition to our highly rated customer service-training program, we developed internal NAN nominations (we refer to as NAN-NOMS)- where our people are rewarded for the level of service they deliver. Our business is built on customer service. We even go so far as to survey borrowers (our client’s customers) to ensure that we uphold and maintain quality, not only by measuring the deliveries from our internal staff, but also gauging the quality of service that is delivered through our appraisal relationships, nationwide”.

How do you manage the misconception of AMC’s?

“Through education and transparency. We teach and share behind the scenes details, educating everyone in the business, even our competition on the real value we add to the process. There are so many complexities in the appraisal business and we provide a real service and value, often taking on the risk in making the pieces of the appraisal puzzle fit. We put the pieces together- accurately, on time, every time for all parties involved”.

Stay tuned for Part III coming tomorrow!

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Joni Pilgrim

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