Making Dreams Come True- Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) Proud Partner Of The Children’s Cancer Center

By January 20, 2015How we give back

Since it’s founding, Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) has worked to give back to the local community and support those in need.

This past holiday season, NAN and it’s employees teamed up with the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, for the 4th year to grant very special holiday wishes to some amazing kids and their families in Tampa’s local community.

There truly are real miracles! Holiday seasons should bring joy to children, even those battling debilitating conditions like cancer. Each year, Nationwide Appraisal Network secretly adopts one of the families from the Children’s Cancer Center and goes shopping from their wish list, saving parents from the financial burden when they’re most in need.

NAN’s Secret Santa Philosophy- Once the gifts have been delivered, parents are invited to the Children’s Cancer Center to pick them up. However, one thing the parents don’t know is who went shopping for them. NAN believes in the philosophy of being Secret Santa’s for the families chosen to receive extra support during the holidays.

As noted by NAN co-founder Joni Pilgrim, “[Our] aim is to bring happiness and joy to families during the most difficult of times, even if only for a day. We put our resources together and reach out to others to provide a special holiday to these deserving families so they can continue to focus on their child’s treatment and getting better without any worry about the stresses of the holiday season.”

“It is difficult to put into words how much the support of our associates means to the kids undergoing treatment at the Children’s Cancer Center, added Cari Burris, co-founder. Our people play an important and integral role in fulfilling our mission of supporting community philanthropy and passionately do all they can to help children in their time of need.”

NAN is determined to go above and beyond when it comes to bringing cheer back to the lives of children. The partnership supports NAN’s mission and belief in community while allowing Children’s Cancer Center staff the ability to focus their energy on families in need of support.

Helping Those In Need- Nationwide Appraisal Network is dedicated to helping the families who need it the most. As explained by Sharin Nelson, the Lead Support Services Coordinator for the Children’s Cancer Center, “Nationwide has been a devoted partner for 4 years now and the most wonderful thing about this company is that they have always been willing to take care of our larger families. This is such a tremendous help and their donation for each of the families they have adopted is beyond what the family could have expected. With help from Nationwide Appraisal Network, the Children’s Cancer Center was able to provide assistance to over 250 children during the last holiday season, the highest number ever. NAN’s support helps us continue our efforts while bringing smiles back to the faces of young people going through the toughest time of their lives.”

About the Children’s Cancer Center- The Children’s Cancer Center was founded in 1974 after the loss of Helen Burnett to leukemia. One of its founding philosophies was the idea that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it’s something that affects the whole family, so the Children’s Cancer Center has focused on providing emotional, financial, and educational support for parents, siblings, and patients alike. As a non-profit organization, the Children’s Cancer Center has partnered with dozens of local and national businesses, as well as receiving support from numerous individual contributors. Each donation comes from those looking to make a real difference in the lives of children suffering from cancer and related medical issues. This generosity allows the Center to focus on its mission of supporting families, providing access to numerous programs and activities completely free of charge, and helping children safely readjust to life once their cancer treatments have been completed.

NAN is proud to be a part of this noblest of endeavors. You can learn more by visiting the Children’s Cancer Center.

ABOUT NATIONWIDE APPRAISAL NETWORK- NAN is an industry leader in appraisal management, providing a unique approach to appraisal management through customization, innovation, and quality. NAN website – 888.760.8899

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