Our 2015 NANNER of the year award goes to….

By January 4, 2016Nanners

The NANNER of the year award is special because it’s voted on by the entire NAN team.  This person is someone who makes a difference in everyday work life here at NAN.

Here are some comments from team members about our 2015 winner:

  1. Hard worker, always shows up for work with a passion about their job, clients, and appraisers.  When they are recognized for a job well done they are humble and always shares the credit with their team.  True Nanner all the way.
  2. No matter what is on their plate, they will answer each and every question correctly, quickly, and with a smile.  I can’t say enough about how supportive this NANNER is of other team members.
  3. This nanner is always helpful and approachable.  They are great at what they do and always come in with a smile and a positive attitude.
  4. No matter how busy this NANNER is, they always take the time to answer questions.  Always smiling and makes even the most hectic day seem manageable.
  5. Always upbeat and positive and helpful in answering questions.
  6. This Nanner is bright, fun, focused and patient.  Hard to match that combo.  They are a true asset.

Our 2015 NANNER of the Year award goes to… Kate Top!

Kate Top

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