Nationwide Appraisal Network-RealEC Enter Into Partnership Agreement

Nationwide Appraisal Network, an award winning and leading appraisal management company, has announced a partnership with RealEC® Technologies, that combines the industry’s most client oriented, technologically sound, compliant AMC with the standard-setting solution that help lenders and their business partners to electronically connect.

Nationwide Appraisal Network provides the most accurate, detailed, timely appraisals and supports its clients with an unparalleled commitment to compliance and to customized, intuitive, easy-to use technology. RealEC helps clients collaborate and automate their business processes to eliminate paper, manual processing, and other sources of friction in the origination of mortgage loans.

Lenders can log on to RealEC and enter appraisal order information and that data flows into Nationwide Appraisal Network’s system. The work is scheduled and a workflow report is transmitted back to the lender through RealEC, according to the format the lender requested.

“Our clients log into RealEC an order appraisals and know that the work will be completed based on the lender’s requirements, and communication will be straightforward and efficient,” said Joni Pilgrim, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing for Nationwide.

The aim of this partnership is to improve accuracy and to speed the process of ordering and tracking business for clients. They are able to go through RealEC to order services from us if that is the channel they choose.

“This partnership was designed to address the needs of our clients, whileensuring that they benefitted from increased efficiencies and improved accuracy,” said Cari Burris, Co-Founder and Director of Operations and Finance for Nationwide Appraisal Network. “We think those benefits will be immediately apparent to them and they will improve their efficiencies as a result.”

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