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The Zen of Appraisal Management Tradeshow planning

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If one day you call Joni Pilgrim, Cari Burris, or Kevin Johnson and get their voicemail chances are they’re on a plane headed to a tradeshow representing Appraisal Management Companies. The award-winning team at Nationwide Appraisal Network attends and exhibits at many mortgage industry related tradeshows throughout the year. “We feel it’s very important to attend industry tradeshows in all regions because it gives us the opportunity to meet the…

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High cost mortgages and the new CFPB appraisal rules

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With the new CFPB rules taking effect in January of 2014 all lenders need to be very aware of the rules and make plans now to ensure they remain compliant. One of the new rules involves appraisals when funding a high cost mortgage. Of course before you can prepare for the changes to come you must first have a basic understanding of what makes a loan a high cost mortgage….

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Managing Overdue Appraisals

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Did you know that Nationwide Appraisal Network takes efficiency and quality very seriously? So seriously, that we have team members and proper procedures in place to not only monitor turn times but to hold people accountable for their productivity and commitments. Though our clients and vendors view our relationship to the appraisal process as simple, what they don’t know is that there are lots of things going on behind the…

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The QM Rule and your company’s relationships can affect your income?

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Does your company or organization have relationships? Of course they do, they have plenty of them, vendors, clients, customers, employees, banking, etc.. but what if your employer took it to the next level and created a closer relationship with a supplier of services? What does this matter to me you ask? Well if you work at one of these companies and they own or have an affiliated relationship with a…

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5 ways to be a NANNER in appraisal management

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nan·ner /nanˈnər/ noun an employee of Nationwide      Appraisal Network in Oldsmar, FL a hard-working,      energetic person ready to tackle appraisal management Synonyms Loyal, compassionate, driven When asked to write a blog about the company culture at Nationwide Appraisal Network my initial reaction was excitement! I love this place! It’s definitely our employees that make up the kind of company we are. We’re a group of highly trained and…

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5 Customer Service Rules to live by in Appraisal Management

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My first experience in customer service was in high school. I worked at the dining hall in a retirement home as a hostess then as a waitress. I later became the store manager of a local cheese steak sub shop where I handled even bigger customer service experiences. Now, many years later, I’m with Nationwide Appraisal Network where there are thousands of customers to work with. I’ve had the opportunity…

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What do the New Loan Originator Rules Really Mean?

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New CFPB rules got you down? Wondering if you can still earn a paycheck? Pay your mortgage and save for your kid’s college? Rest assured although it may be challenging, there is still income to be made for mortgage professional. Of course the days of easy money, big rebates and neg-am loans may be gone, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It has cleaned our industry of lots of dead…

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Managing Vendors…is there a Secret Recipe to Doing it Right?

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Many times, when we are called to handle appraisal management for a lender it’s because they are either A. not happy with their current appraisal management service or B. they are doing it in house but are struggling with managing the vendors and the process and therefore, they are not getting the results they need. When dealing with the latter of the two reasons, we understand the struggle. We have…

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Borrowers are talking and Nationwide Appraisal Network is listening

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As an appraisal management company, not only is important to make sure our clients are happy with our service, but it’s just as important that we make sure our client’s clients are happy with our service. With a network of over 6500 appraisers located throughout the entire United States, I’m sure you can imagine the magnitude of trying to manage such a service. A little over a year ago, after…

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Appraisal Management Companies & Credit Unions. Are they a match?

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As a national appraisal management company with a footprint of over 10,000 appraisers located in all 50 states, we tend to believe that there is a benefit for most by making use of our service. From compliance to vendor management to quality control, the services we provide work to serve those who place compliance and saving time and money at the top of their priority list when it comes to…

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