Simply unstoppable; 3 part series featuring Kevin Johnson National Sales Manager for Nationwide Appraisal Network

By March 3, 2015Nanners

Simply unstoppable; spotlight on Kevin Johnson National Sales Manager at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) PART 1 of 3

 Whether skydiving, white-water kayaking or snowboarding, Kevin Johnson brings his unstoppable livelihood, lending expertise and smart growth approach to Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN).

With over 24 years of real estate and mortgage industry experience, Mr. Johnson commands deep industry knowledge of the many facets in the lending process to Nationwide Appraisal Network. This includes a diverse background in wholesale and correspondent lending as well as mortgage underwriting and operations management. He is “the” contract negotiator to lending partners, banks, credit unions and loan servicing companies and directs sales efforts as well as oversees the on-boarding, training and customer support process to new and existing clients. Prior to joining NAN, Mr. Johnson served as Director of Business Development for Law Capital Enterprises, Area Sales Manager for Impac Lending, Underwriter Manager for Meritage Mortgage and Sales Manager at Option One Mortgage.

Like all great business relationships, each values the other and provides support, strength and growth. During a recent conversation with Kevin Johnson, National Sales Manager of NAN, we learned about his unique story, that of a west coast professional with over 24 years of lending experience who made his way to Florida to help grow one of the most successful nationwide appraisal management companies in the industry, and listened to him describe the nuances of what it takes to succeed in today’s AMC world.

Anticipating client needs is key when beginning a new relationship. Johnson brings a unique lending perspective to the appraisal world, being able to express to the rest of the team how

lenders see things and what is truly important to them. This is a huge advantage over the competition, having someone who has been in the trenches of the lending environment, who brings a clear understanding to the AMC universe and helps facilitate the process for a better end-user experience. Since Kevin has been with NAN the company has experienced smart business growth.  His reputation and experience in the mortgage industry has brought a wealth of knowledge to the company.  Because of his expertise in lending, NAN has been able to on-board new lender clients with better communication and understanding than ever before.

As Johnson mentions “The Appraisal Management universe is continually evolving. Today, appraisal management companies are an entirely different breed when compared to recent years. It takes constant thought leadership, business intelligence and innovation to stay on top of all the moving parts of today’s evolving AMC compliance and regulation landscape to ensure the best solutions and technology are in place to succeed”.

Kevin describes Nationwide Appraisal Network as pioneers and even pathfinders in the appraisal business. Its business model centers around providing an authentic knowledge base to all audiences that utilize appraisal services with focus on delivering smart growth that makes a big difference and by leveraging multi-client segmentation aspects.

“Going the extra mile is part of NAN’s DNA. Providing superior customer service and adapting to all various market conditions is key- it is what has made NAN’s business grow stronger year after year,“ said Johnson. “NAN values the commitment made to each client, we make it our job to be fluent in their specific segmentation. Our capacity to innovate; the transparency paired with open knowledge exchange between our internal teams then extended to our client relationships, feeds our business success”.

What are some of the benefits and features of Nationwide Appraisal Network?

“NAN is truly nationwide. This means no outsourcing. We have state registration certificates in every state with a current regulatory oversight program in place and thousands upon thousands of appraisers located in all 50 states. Our state registrations can be found on our website as well as our compliance portal. NAN understands the specific state requirements for appraiser selection, customary & reasonable fees, appraisal reviews, reporting and so on. Every file in every state is handled within the regulatory requirements of that state.  As a national appraisal management company, we have gone through the proper steps to learn and implement the requirements into our daily business practices”.

What do you believe to be the most successful AMC relationship?

“I will answer this question not by defining a specific target audience but by identifying our philosophy of serving multiple audiences with real solutions. While many AMC’s only focus on one target audience, NAN finds its success in being flexible and able to serve many different markets from small to larger operations and anyone who has a true need for an appraisal management solution. You need to treat everyone equally, the small shop is just as important as the big shop. You need to be open-minded enough to be looking at all markets and not limit your business to just what’s inside the box”.

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