Simply unstoppable; part 2 of a 3 part series featuring Kevin Johnson National Sales Manager for Nationwide Appraisal Network

By March 4, 2015Nanners

Simply unstoppable; spotlight on Kevin Johnson National Sales Manager at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) PART 2 of 3

Who do you believe needs a strong AMC relationship the most?

“Anyone that needs an appraisal management solution needs a strong AMC relationship. You have to be both flexible and a progressive thinker to distinguish the value in each opportunity. You might have smaller shops, credit unions and banks that all can use a strong relationship with the AMC because most don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to the understanding of the appraisal business. Then you might have bigger lenders who need the AMC to manage the volume as it is very difficult administratively and cost prohibitive for the larger institutions to manage it all without using a specialized company. Being flexible and dedicated to meeting the demands and challenges of both small and larger clients, while understanding the dynamics of each diverse audience is crucial to the long-term success when placing value in a long-standing relationship.

Let’s face it this business is fast-paced. You need to know how to successfully handle moving targets and clients while working with deadlines and being under the same pressures as the lender; because at the end of the day, we all have to meet the same critical deadlines. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the borrower is the ultimate client. We must remember, the borrower does not necessarily understand what CFPB or Frank Dodd is. It is our job to educate them and provide as many tools and resources possible to help them understand their needs”.

 Johnson’s background in lending carries a huge advantage over the competition, having been in the trenches, a foot soldier in underwriting and mortgage lending operations, he understands the ins and outs and offers the “connection” between the partnerships while delivering insight and understanding of the actual lender dynamic to the AMC team.

What sets NAN apart from the competition?

“Our people and the level of service and experience they bring to the table through each and every transaction. Also, lenders, credit unions, and bank personnel are not just another client, but rather we view them as a sounding board to continually help us improve; we discuss industry trends and solutions. We take their feedback seriously and make changes quickly. We feel this sets us apart from the competition and is more valuable than just the normal business approach. There is no one in our industry that delivers real solutions like we do, as a true nationwide network.

What would you say the 2015 highly prized accomplishment is that Nan will deliver to the AMC universe?

“NAN is focused on delivering a plethora of informational resources. We are actually pushing out informative and relevant educational information geared towards the borrowers, helping them better understand the process of the biggest transaction of their life. The more information we can give them to help prepare them for the process makes their relationship so much easier with the loan officer the lender and the appraisal management service alike”.

 What do you find yourself talking about most with your clients and prospects as we venture into 2015?  Essentially, what is NAN’s 2015 goal?

“I would say NAN’s 2015 goal is threefold, Communication, Quality and Compliance”.

Johnson adds:

  • Exceptional communication is critical to the sustainability of the business. Being able to push relevant information out whether it’s a borrower, a loan officer or a processor. Everyone is looking for answers and we strive to deliver the best communications with relevant information to help as much as we can.
  • We have to provide the highest possible quality and,
  • We always make sure that our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of the compliance. Our primary job is to always keep the client compliant.

Quality Control-

Quality Control is married to Compliance and Technology and comes down to the couple of different things. We facilitate both an automated as well as a manual QC process. It is not an either/or… for example you might find there is something that an automated system catches that a manual won’t or vice versa. In 2013 we partnered with a data solutions system in effort to enhance the quality of the reports we deliver to our lender clients. Because of this initiative we find ourselves in a “sweet spot” with the recently released Fannie Mae Collateral Underwriter™ (CU™). The advanced technology set in place back in 2013 enabled us to already review, analyze and score appraisals with far more depth, consistency and accuracy then ever before. The automated process combined with our manual review by USPAP experts is what has allowed us to continue to deliver quality reports every time. There are however, times you need an actual human eye to look and make judgments. One thing I like about our quality control is that we do both we have quality control specialists who actually know what to look for make sure that we meet all the requirements. Our new proprietary system coming this June will allow us to take a good automated system and make it great.


NAN offers its clients a secure compliance portal, which houses all our regulatory, and compliance policies, training, testing and state registration certificates as well as insurance certificates. Our clients receive an invitation to the portal and can then access it with 24/7 secure log in credentials. The portal is continually updated with the latest versions of every policy to ensure accuracy in delivery.


It’s never been more important than it is today to offer technology options to our clients and vendors in order to operate at the highest level of efficiency possible. We are so proud of our technical capabilities and the functions we are able to perform through integrations and automations. The volume of work that we are able to process and complete in the timeframes that we work within is a major accomplishment and we owe it all to the developers who work tirelessly with us to make sure we can accommodate any request for technological advancement.  Our newest Technology release will take place this June and we are excited to say that it will deliver enhanced quality levels and efficiencies like we have never seen before.

Stayed Tuned for Part III tomorrow…In the meantime contact Kevin Johnson directly:


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