Simply unstoppable; part 3 featuring Kevin Johnson National Sales Manager for Nationwide Appraisal Network

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Simply unstoppable; spotlight on Kevin Johnson National Sales Manager at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) PART 3 of 3

What are your thoughts on Fannie Mae Collateral Underwriter™ (CU™) and what are your experiences since its January implementation?

“Since we have been preparing for some time and already running our own automated reviews, we have not experienced any real issues. The biggest part was preparing for its release. Making sure that we had software and training in place, on time. And now with our own proprietary automated technology coming in June, we will be able to continue to enhance and improve the overall quality of appraisal reports to our clients”.

What business segment is high on your priority list?

“Smart growth in all segments. NAN provides solutions to anyone from community and regional banks, credit unions to larger direct lenders. Our adaptability allows us to customize the experience for each clients specific needs”.

What is the greatest achievement that you contributed to NAN?

I would say, besides bringing my lending experience to the table and therefore streamlining the sales and onboarding process, which eventually lead to growth for NAN, I would say, it’s the addition of “NAN CIRCLES”. A couple of years ago, when the industry was focused on understanding compliance and regulations and working hard to implement new policies and procedures internally to ensure compliance, I realized that our team was working in a “compliance tunnel” with blinders on. We were so focused on compliance that it seemed we forgot about customer service. This was so far off of our corporate culture at NAN and what we stood for. I could literally hear every conversation on the operations floor and what I was hearing were too many “No’s”… I knew it was time to take action.   It was time to turn the negative responses into solutions and start creating “NAN Fans” that would work side by side with us for well into the future. I sat down with the co-founders of NAN and we figured out a way to utilize the great talent our team possesses in order to change the “no” environment to a “yes” environment. Enter the “NAN Circle”. If a team member calls a NAN Circle, they will gather fellow “Nanners” into a brainstorming session to discuss the issue at hand and work to find a solution. Through NAN Circles, we are essentially bringing smart talented people together from different areas of the company to review a problem and collectively collaborate on the solution. It has worked so well that we’ve even created new policies from these meetings that have improved our business in many ways.”

Talk to me about NAN Fans and relationships.

“The first word that comes to my mind is trust. Trust is the basis for everything. It’s all about a trusting relationship with those involved in the transaction whether it be our appraisers, clients, realtors or borrowers. It’s all about doing what you say you are going to do and that’s the bottom line. TRUST – 2015 is the year NAN continues to be an industry resource based on established trust”.

What does Nan mean to you?

“NAN means people. At the end of the day, the people who work here make us successful. If we don’t have the right people, we won’t have the right business”. NAN also means, growth, adaptability, and leadership.

 What is your relationship with NAN leadership?

“Fantastic. We have a great partnership and we mutually respect the other’s influence and expertise that each brings to the table. Without the continued support of my team and the constant communication, sales would not be able to do what we do and grow NAN to the levels it has grown over the past 10 years. The leaders of NAN are forward thinkers and make my job very easy when it comes to spreading the word about our business. I find that more and more lenders want to work with NAN because they know the level of expertise we bring to the table with every appraisal”.

What are your personal goals?

“We do a lot of really neat stuff here at NAN and rarely share details about all the wonderful things we are doing to enhance the appraisal business as a whole as well as giving back to the community. NAN contributes a vast amount of knowledge base information and educational material to help members of the appraisal community as well as borrowers and clients alike. My goal is to make sure the word get’s out- by orchestrating a series of informational webinars and email deployment messaging, we are now being referred to as the “thought leader” as a reliable source of contributing information that is relevant and factual, packed with resourceful material that actually helps and is fun to read”.

Nationwide Appraisal Network and Kevin Johnson have big plans and are simply unstoppable. We look forward to accompany them as they continue on this journey.

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