The AQB Releases a Q&A on Supervisory and Trainee Appraiser Education

Are you a real estate appraiser looking to mentor someone and bring on an apprentice? Or perhaps looking to begin a career in real estate appraising and unsure where to start? If so, you’re in luck because the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) released a Q&A earlier this month regarding supervisory and trainee appraiser education. They are developing a new required course slated for 2015. Some of the questions answered:

*Is this course allowed to be utilized for appraiser CE?

*Do residential appraisers pursuing general appraiser credential need to attend this course and keep a log?

*What type of disciplinary action prevents an appraiser from supervising a trainee?

*What type of disciplinary action does not prevent an appraiser from supervising a trainee?

*Can a trainee appraiser get credit for assignments in a state they do not hold a Trainee Appraiser’s credential if the supervisory appraiser is licensed/certified in that state?

*Does the requirement for new applicants to undergo a background check apply to current credential holders seeking temporary practice permits in new states?

With the number of trainee appraisers dwindling each year, there has been some concern for the future of real estate appraising. Will enough experienced appraisers take the time to train newcomers? Will there be enough new appraisers to replace the soon-to-retire appraisers? Nobody can answer these questions, but thankfully the AQB is answering the questions for those appraisers who are continuing to grow the profession.


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