Understanding Appraisals – Top 10 questions Lenders, Credit Unions, and Banks have when trying to understand appraisals

By January 20, 2015Learning, Webinar

Property valuation is the heart of all real estate activities- everyone uses real estate in one-way, or another. Practical decisions concerning value must be based upon some kind of an appraisal or valuation of real estate property collateral.

Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) provides a practical understanding of appraisals and real estate values that enable lenders, banks, credit unions and other parties involved the ability to carry out their functions in a useful and dependable manner in serving their clients and meeting their obligations to the general public.

NAN leads the industry in appraisal management through outstanding customer service, quality of work and by delivering results. Their primary focus is to build and maintain strong partnerships based on the fundamental aspects of real estate valuation.

Over the past decade we have witnessed a trigger of world events directly impacting the financial and real estate markets, resulting in property appreciation spirals to historic highs, along with creative financing approaches to generate sales. This was then followed by a collapse in real estate property values where extraordinary levels of foreclosure and bankruptcy flooded our nation.

The dynamics of such a volatile market demanded an increased emphasis on regulation, training and education in the home valuation arena, requiring the appraisers to keep abreast of new techniques and market forces. Today, understanding appraisals is key, since accurate valuation is critical and can have a significant impact on the real estate transaction.

Numerous factors affect an accurate valuation. NAN will be conducting a series of webinars hosted by Kevin Johnson -NAN’s National Sales Manager. Each webinar will be specific to lenders, banks and credit unions that will address the top 10 frequently asked questions in understanding appraisals. The first webinar in the series is scheduled for Wednesday, February 18 of 2015 at 2:30 PM (EST).

NAN’s webinar deck will cover important questions about the property appraisal process and help clear up some of the common misconceptions. For example: Understanding the causes of fluctuating values – especially when they go against predictions and expectations, will help you adjust your own business plans to compensate and avoid taking a major loss, so definitely take notes during this webinar!

As an added bonus, all webinar attendees will receive a free e-guide to use as a reference, so REGISTER NOW! If you have additional questions, please call 813.749.8856

ABOUT NATIONWIDE APPRAISAL NETWORK- NAN is an industry leader in appraisal management, providing a unique approach to appraisal management through customization, innovation, and quality. NAN website  – 888.760.8899

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