Who is Raising the Bar in Appraisal Management?

As we delve into the world of sales by attending tradeshows, networking events with industry specific groups, and meeting people who work in all facets of our industry, we’ve started noticing a trend of how little people expect from appraisal management companies and the services they provide.

One of the most common complaints we encounter is, “we can’t use you because we have to use whoever our lender tells us to use, and we don’t like the appraisal management company that they have chosen”. In my experience, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So if you don’t like the way something is going, speak up. You never know, there may be another person who feels the same way and eventually you will have enough people banded together to actually make a difference.

If someone does listen and offers for you to come up with a solution, let that solution be to demand more from your appraisal management company.

What is important to you with regards to being happy with an AMC?

Ask yourself this:

1. Do they answer the phone when you call or do you always go to voicemail and rarely get a call back?

2. How long are you waiting for your appraisal reports once the inspection takes place?

3. What’s the level of communication like at every point in the appraisal process?

4. How knowledgeable is the appraisal management company when it comes to reviewing the reports before you see the end product?

5. What’s the reputation of the appraisal management company among appraisers?

6. What kind of a commitment do they make to customer service?

7. How long does it take to get an appointment scheduled?

If those items are not important to you, then keep doing what you’re doing. But if they are, then we encourage you to take a look at Nationwide Appraisal & Settlement Network. We are raising the bar on service. We know that you are used to getting mediocre service and poor quality appraisals from companies who pay low fees and send appraisers to an area that they know nothing about. You probably even think that is the norm among appraisal management companies. We are here to tell you it’s not.

Any company, not just appraisal management companies, but any company who is concerned with staying in business and developing long standing relationships with their vendors and their clients should be working to raise the bar in every area of their business. If the norm is to return a call within 24 hours, then you should be returning the call within an hour. If the norm is to schedule an appointment within 48 hours then you should schedule it the same day the order is placed. If the norm is to get a report back within a week, then you should be getting it back within 48-72 hours from inspection. Demand more and you will get more. Never speak up and you will get the same terrible service you struggle with everyday. Your Appraisal Management Company should be working side by side with you to help you grow your business and carry out the same values that your company works so hard to instill and achieve. They should be representing you and protecting your reputation in the industry.

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