Why Dodd-Frank isn’t enough

By August 16, 2012Dodd-Frank

As a nationwide appraisal management company, the Dodd-Frank Act holds us to specific requirements. The Dodd-Frank Act addresses Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR), but does not cover specific requirements from different regulatory agencies. Professionals in the mortgage industry are questioning whether this Act alone is enough to ensure compliance and hold the nationwide appraisal process to the high standard it should be held. Since the HVCC/Dodd-Frank Act came into effect, lenders have had the choice of managing AIR and compliance in-house or utilizing an appraisal management company. Many have chosen to outsource this and work with national AMCs . Ultimately, the lender is responsible for compliance whether it remains in-house or is handled by appraisal management services, so they need to be sure to choose carefully and ensure they are going with the best appraisal management company out there.


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