Why more and more Credit Unions are partnering with Nationwide Appraisal Network

By February 11, 2015Credit Unions

We’ve all heard the term ‘no-brainer’- The unofficial definition is “something so obvious, that it requires no contemplation to decide upon.”

With the changing face of lending, and the fact that many regulations now require 3rd party certification, relying on an Appraisal Management Company that clearly understands the dynamics of the Credit Union membership mentality and is able to provide member services paired with unmatched expertise needed to make every Credit Union more efficient has fallen into that ‘no brainer’ category, and no other firm can match NAN’s culture of membership and credentials.

“One thing is clear when speaking to our growing number of Credit Union clients,” says Joni Pilgrim, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Business Development. “They need to have a plan of action for dealing with the depth of regulatory changes that are enacted on a regular basis in this day and age”.

So what does NAN do to make Credit Unions run more efficiently and offer a better product to their members? Plenty. Through “Panel Management” Nationwide Appraisal Network has established a true national footprint of over 10,000 appraiser partners in all 50 states and their Credit Union clientele continues to grow because of the following benefits:

Smart Technology- NAN invests in the best technology, providing its clients the best possible service and experience.

 Compliance—all of NAN’s compliance policies are stored online via a secured portal, which is easily accessible 24/7. Here they house insurances, state registration certificates and proof of policy testing, as well as offer staff training, compliance documents and a plethora of educational information.

Quality Control – With a highly trained and experienced review department, Credit Unions can rest assured that their reports have undergone rigorous and thorough quality control procedures prior to delivery.

Vendor Management—NAN’s highly trained vendor relations’ team has constructed a completely thorough vetting process.  They ensure that all licenses and insurances are active and up to date. Plus, they feature the best selection of appraisers available.

Reporting Accountabilty and Timelines- NAN establishes the highest service levels from the beginning of the relationship, through the entire process and take the time to guide and educate their appraisal network to ensure they fully understand the expectations and are accountable to deliver results.

Communication and Understanding– NAN’s Professional staff ‘gets it’ when it comes to the nature between Credit Unions and their borrower members. They are familiar with the nuanced differences between CU’s and traditional lenders and can help navigate the various regulatory pitfalls that appear over time.  NAN understands that communication throughout the process, with all parties, is key.

Of course, every NAN customer has the full support of the entire team, along with a library of resources and forms readily available to Credit Unions and their members.

“The bottom line is that Credit Unions want appraisals faster and at a higher quality”, says NAN Co-Founder Cari Burris. “By tapping into a single national resource, they can improve efficiency and focus on what’s most important…member service. We’re dedicated to helping them make that happen.”

About Nationwide Appraisal Network- NAN is an industry leader in appraisal management, providing a unique approach to appraisal management through customization, innovation, and quality. Visit us at www.nationwide-appraisal.com or call 888.760.8899

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