Will great service remain consistent through our Appraisal Management partnership?

By November 7, 2014Customer Service

Have you noticed that your Appraisal Management business relationships deteriorate over time and your concerns go unaddressed?  Wondering how to avoid this?

What you should look for:  Of course any Appraisal Management Company you talk to is going to claim to have the best service in the industry, but the five thousand dollar question is…“How do you prove this?”  The best way is to get REFERENCES and CALL THEM!!!  Ask for more than three and ask for different types of references.  Ask appraisers!!!  Great AMC’s will provide consistent excellent service to not only their clients, but to their appraisers as well.  True customer service shines no matter who is on the other end of the line.  And a great AMC will understand that they are nowhere without their appraisers.  Ask about value added services the AMC can provide that will ensure YOU are getting the best service possible.  Ask about the company’s corporate culture?  How do they promote customer service?  What’s their view on solving problems?  How do they get feedback?  Better yet, talk to one of their staff members and ask their view on the importance of service at their company. This will give you the greatest indication of how you will be treated from the beginning and if the company has a strong sense of service, then you can rest assured that you will remain a priority throughout the life of your partnership.


At NAN, our lenders have a dedicated CRM (Client Relations Manager) with an entire expert team behind them who is familiar with the ins and outs of your business.  You receive regular reports showing stats of our recent performance compared to prior months and revealing where we have improved and where we are looking to improve and how we’re doing it.  You will receive direct benefits when we improve on a goal such as our recent implementation of our automated quality control feature which was built to enhance our manual review process and has since decreased our underwriting conditions by more than 80%.

Currently, we are working to diversify our appraiser panel by loan product which will help to improve the quality of specific appraisals for programs like the 203k loan, portfolio loans, reverse mortgages and more.

Our corporate culture revolves around customer service.  We spend every day celebrating customer service and recommitting ourselves to this underlying principal.  We deliver +1!

To take it a step further, we send out surveys to borrowers and real estate agents to rate the appraiser’s professionalism once an inspection takes place.  We use this feedback to coach and train and reward our appraisers.  We invite you to talk to anyone of our team members here at NAN.  You will learn firsthand the importance of service from a NANNER. It’s what we do. Give us a call! 888-760-8899 ext 225

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