Does your Appraisal Management Company offer West Coast hours?

Many Lenders do a lot of business in the mid-west and west coast so we get this question a lot.   “How do you service the West Coast and Service it well?” What you should look for:  First and foremost, make sure the AMC’s hours of operation meet the needs of your employees and borrowers.  Does the AMC have a team in place during west coast business hours to ensure all normal functions are occurring while you are doing business?  Also ask for the breakdown of appraisers in the areas you do business.  Are there plenty of quality appraisers where it matters most? west coast appraisals

At NAN, we have an entire division that handles all of the business from our clients and appraisers on the west coast including coordinating appointment times, communicating updates and delivering reports. We designed our office hours to make managing those time zones convenient and successful for our clients, our vendors, realtors and borrowers.  We have processors, account managers, client relations managers, reviewers and even staff appraisers on our west coast team.  It’s a great fit for our lender clients and appraisers in these areas and has helped us expand our reach immensely.  With this team in place, we can ensure that orders are being processed, appointments are being scheduled, inspections are taking place, reports are being reviewed and delivered and that appraisal disputes are being addressed.  More importantly there is a team here ready to respond to YOUR phone calls and emails.  It’s a great way for us to extend our service throughout the entire US.  Not just the east coast.  And I must add, our appraisers on the west coast are top notch.  They love doing business with NAN and our west coast team. Call us to find out more! 888-760-8899 x225

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