Our approach to the Appraisal Management business

Nationwide Appraisal Network recognizes that, for a variety of business-related reasons, it is not in our best interests to have anything other than good relationships with our network of real estate appraisers. Just like clients and staff, appraisers are part of the structure on which our business is built, committing to treat them fairly and with respect. We believe this is a SMART approach to business.

Our reputation in the marketplace is critical to our success. We would like to be known for a good, strong network of happy appraisers who do a good job for our clients, at a customary and reasonable agreed upon price, within stated deadlines. It is as SIMPLE as that. We do not choose appraisers who quote us a lower fee in an attempt to win the assignment. We appoint appraisers who live within a reasonable distance of the project, adhere to the strict laws that regulate our industry, communicate well, and deliver quality work – on time.

We’re in business to make money, and like everyone else, we have a duty to produce a profit in order to keep our business SOLID. That way we, our appraisers, and our employees have jobs and long-term security, and our clients can benefit from our investment in infrastructure; things like cutting-edge technology and qualified, experienced staff members.

At NAN we see our network of appraisers, clients and staff like a big family.
Everybody has a place and everybody deserves a thank you for work well done. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so we try to ensure that all the links are strong. We do this by treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves – with respect and fairness.

None of this is rocket science, but it is SIMPLE, SMART and SOLID.


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