What does customer service really mean from an AMC’s standpoint?

Should AMC’s be concerned with the borrower’s satisfaction if the borrower is not the client?

Appraisal Management Company’s such as Nationwide Appraisal Network are known for providing the service of executing and managing the appraisal process with the appraiser on behalf of the lender/client.  Most companies, especially those that have succeeded through the ups and downs of their respective industries and the economy understand the importance of customer service.  However, in an appraisal management company world, where the lender is the client, where and when does service to the consumer come into play?  Are the consumers treated with the same level of customer service that we, at Nationwide Appraisal Network, strive to provide regularly to our clients? The answer is yes.  Nationwide understands that service comes first.  As a third party Management Company, we understand that your borrowers (clients) view us as an extension of you.  If our service is anything less than professional and courteous, then it is a reflection of you.

Appraisal Management Companies have a delicate balancing act between customer service, compliance, vendor management, efficiency, and quality.  With changes in our industry happening quickly and often, the process only grows more complex.  To the typical borrower, this can be a very stressful time.  We at Nationwide Appraisal Network understand this and are here educate and guide them through the confusion in order to provide the best experience possible.

Nationwide Appraisal Network values your borrower’s opinion so much that we actually ask for their feedback!  After each appraisal inspection, we send your borrower a survey asking “Did the appraiser make it to the inspection on time”, and “Do you feel your inspection was thorough”?  A positive borrower survey is gold!  We reward our appraisers for going that extra mile.  Less than positive feedback is used to coach and train and make changes to our service where and when needed.

The results of our quarterly borrower surveys are compiled and released at the end of each quarter.  This helps us gauge whether our changes are working to improve the service.  Whether the coaching with the appraisers to offer better professional service is working and to show our clients that not only do we care about great service to them, but to their customers as well.  This goes along way.  Our simple, smart and solid business model allows us to be flexible and change as the industry changes.  What do you do to ensure great customer service in your organization?

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